Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Good evening! Welcome to my blog. This is the first post and I am super excited to get going!!!

First of all I wanted to say I have been growing and propagating Carnivorous plants for over 6 years now! I have a small home business that I hope will oneday soon become the biggest wholesaler of Carnivorous plants in BC! I cant wait to meet some new people, and I hope to show you some of the mysteries of nature!

My first carnivorous plant was actually a Venus Flytrap (What a suprise) this was about 6 years ago now! I am pretty sure after 2 months I had killed it as well! But it was all a learning curve! I was totally new to these flesh eating green monsters!

Many people think of the venus flytraps as "difficult" or hard to grow, but this is just nonsense! There are some very easy cultivation tips you need to remember to have them thrive for many years!

1. WATER: Venus flytraps (Dianaea muscipula) Are native to bogs! these guys loooove to be wet! Keep them in at least 2" of water during summer!
2. SUN: Bog plants have little shade, flytraps love sun the more the better. Don't worry they can't have too much light! and it will help them develop and colour up nice and red!
3. SOIL: Grow flytraps is peat, sand, and spaghnum moss!
4. Nutrition: Let them get their own bugs! dont feed your plants meat, you can catch bugs for them but chances are they will themselves! they are extremely efficient!
5. SLEEP: During winter, KEEP THEM OUTSIDE! Flytraps need at least 4 months (2 deg C) or less to "Hibernate" if they do not rest they will run out of energy and die! Keep them damp but not soaking and protected for winter. They will look dead, but they won't be!

And thats really about it! Flytraps if happy will grow for over 25 years!

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